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Cowtownmusic.com Preferred Links

Columbus Blues Alliance Cringe.com downtown scene since 1995
Columbus Art.Com excellent website Central Ohio Bluegrass Association
Jazz Columbus everything Jazz in Columbus Ohio Columbus Folk Music Society promoting folk music, dance and storytelling
Columbus Music Workshop Mad Lab wide variety of shows
Put In Bay Info Industrial Automation Systems
Free Press.net fighting to stop the monopolies of our press Save the Internet if we don't fight, big business will rule
Snopes.com end the BS Emails The Onion Funny Headlines, all fake
Science Daily cool science
Sixis Imaging My First Website Years Ago
The Adaptive Sports Coalition Since 1992 TAASC has brought the excitement of outdoor venture sports to people of all ages with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Local links of Central Ohio

Columbus Chamber Music Society CAPA
Ticketmaster Columbus Zoo
ComFest Ohio Art League
Renew your license plates online Ohio Dept of Transporation
Columbus Museum of Art
Phillips Guitars local guitar designer/builder Tube Amp Factory awesome guitar tube amps

Interesting online sites for guitars and stuff outside the central Ohio area.

Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch Stewart Mcdonalds Guitar Shop Athens Ohio
12 Tone Music Dayton Ohio Gary's Classic Guitars Cincinatti Ohio
JK Lutherie Harrison Ohio Wildwood Music Coshocton Ohio
Badass Bass Players Brandon Wound Pickups
Vintage Guitar Magazine Jollity Drum Farm
FoxRox hand built guitar effects JP2 Creations Vintage Drum Parts
Percussive Arts Society a percussionist website Rock N Roll Vintage Guitars
Guitar Digest Guitar Player World
The Kelly SHU Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mounts X8 Drums Djembe, Cajon & Hand Drums
Cowtown Guitars Guitars from Las Vegas Vintage and Rare Large database of Vintage Guitars
String Emporium is your "One-Stop Bass Shop"

Manufacturers of Musical Equipment

AbAmplifiers Ampeg Ashly Audio
Avatar Speakers BSG Guitars BSW
Carvin Crate Amplifiers Crown Amplifiers
Djembe Africa Hand Drums DoD Electronics EAW Eastern Acoustic Works
U.S, Music Electro-Voice EMG Pickups
Eminence Fender Gibson Musical Instruments
JBL Just Strings Kevin's Harps
Mackie Marshall Amplifiers Mesa Boogie
Mojo Tone Peavey Electronics Pedulla Bass Guitars
Rane Professional Audio Products Rolls Corporation Samson Tech Makers of Hartke
Seymour Duncan Shure SIT Strings made in Akron Ohio
Soundbridge Tama Drums TOA Electronics
Vintage Kustom Amp Site Ted Weber's Famous Loudspeakers Yamaha Corporation

Tubes Sales & Information

Audio Tubes.com lot's of tube gear Bill's Ham Radio WWW Server A Wicked Tube Database
Groove Tubes pay extra for pretty red ink Nostalgia Air great tube information page
Triode Electronics good place for amp parts The Tube Store.Com hard to beat these guys for tubes
Tube World another decent place to find tubes BOI AudioWorks Tubes and amp parts
Studio Sound Electronics Great Selection and Prices Tube Cad Journal Excellent web site for all things Tubes
Valve Wizard great articles on tubes

Do It Yourself/Home Audio

diyAudio Huge board for the DIY Audiokarma Great Board for Audio of all kinds
Vinyl Engine More then just Turntables, great place to look for manuals Williamson Labs Tutorials of Electronics
Codecademy learn to code Electronic Theory This site explains electronics better then any course I ever took
Bristolwatch.com The purpose of these pages is to introduce the student and hobbyist to electronics projects.
udemy electronic online courses
Elliot Sound Products Austrailian DIY Page with Excellent Articles and PCB's for sale Pete Millett Pete's site is excellent for DIY Tube gear
Tronola Older fun with Electronics website Spark Fun Electronics Nice selection of parts and tutorials
Circuit Finder Lots of circuits for DIY Circuits Today More circuits
All About Circuits Electronics Lab More Circuits
UK DIY website Instructables big site, but not thought out
Audio Undone the best resources for you to reach your creative vision Making Electric Circuits and Other Electronics Projects Plenty of PDF files

Suppliers of Parts

Parts Express great place for electronic parts and speaker building Apex Jr.your source for affordable electronics
Heat Sink USA great place to buy heat sinks Sierra Circuits good place to have your PCB boards made
Digikey Electronics Lot of BOM's are here Mouser Electronics
Matts Electronics Allied Electronics
McMaster-Carr construction itmes Grainger construction itmes
Cmple Audio, Video and Networking supplies Micro Center Computers, Electronics, ect
Electronics Plus huge store, found them looking for magnet wire HSC Electronic Shop Silicon Valley Electronic Marketplace
Oatley ElectronicsKits and Surplus Electronics Odd Wires great kits, I bought my LM1875 parts from here
Surplus Sales of Nebraska everything imaginable

Speaker Projects

Vintage Computers,Raspberry & Aurdino Links

Raspberry Pi computer for everyone Arduino getting your computer connected to the outside world
6502 org for those that want to build a computer
Amiga World Amiga Community Portal Amiga.org serving the Amiga community since 1994
Amiga Kit parts and service for Amigas Amiberry let your Raspberry emulate Amiga
Carlsen Electronics no one knows more about the 64 and how to keep it working Lemon comodore 64 super site
DLH's Commodore Page wonderful online source for books and magazines High Voltage Sid Collection over 48,000 Sids
C64 XLfiles download 64 ready programs Kludgesoft's 64 page links
Coomodre free U.K. C=64 Magazine downlaods Hackaday Hacking the C=64 and other things
Secret Weapons of Commodore what could have been Project 64 Comprehensive Source of Commodore Computer Manuals
Zimmer's 64 online portal files and files 64INC Retro 64 Inc, get your 64 connected to the world
1541 ultimate modern hardware for the 64 IDE64 Peripherals modern hardware for the 64
CBM stuff wifi for the 64 TPUG Toronto Pat User Group
Commodore 64 a server for the commodore 64 Project 64 excellent source for manuals

Music Industry Sites For Artists

Audio Recording Center excellent sound advice Sound on Sound Audio Articles, Home and PA
Music Dish.com Music Promotion Website and Press Submission Service for the musician
Audio Duplicating CD Duplication Online Music Degree
Complete Guide to online Music Programs

Ohio Sports

Columbus Bluejackets The Columbus Crew Soccer Team Columbus Destroyers
Buckeye Legends Columbus Clippers AAA Baseball Ohio Roller Girls
Artists for Athletes Columbus Motor Speedway Mid Ohio Sports Car
The Cleveland Browns The Cleveland Indians The Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cincinnati Bengals The Cincinnati Reds Nascar racing site
IHRA Drag Racing RunOhio.com

Become an Informed Voter

Raw Story News Website Daily Beast Great website for News
Media Matters If you lie on air, these guys have it Crooks and Liars
Columbus.Gov Plunderbund Ohio Political News
Ohio's 15th District Blog Whitehouse.gov
FiveThirtyEight Politics Done Right Think Progress move forward not backwards
American Civil Liberties Union Center for American Progress
Fair This site exposes the Press's deception
Our Represenatives & how they vote Senate Vote Records see how they lie
If you are "conservative" please read
The Bill of Rights The Constitution The Bible, I'm assuming you own one History of Conservatism

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