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 Since I am basically no longer in the "music scene" I have been working on building things.
 (I still practice bass, getting better every day)

 I started a listing of DIY (do it yourself) websites, plus some good educational websites for building circuits.
 I build things because I'm bored and because quite often I can build something that works better then what I can buy.

 My totally awesome wife bought me a Raspberry Pi so once the weather cools off I will start experimenting
 with that. (Google it, it is an awesome small but powerful computer)

 I added the listings below and I'll want do a special shout out to the top 2 links.

 Elliot Sound Products has mumerous educational articles and he sells printed circuit boards for a lot of nice gear.
 Mostly home audio but there are PA items and even a 100 watt solid state guitar amp. (God helps us all lol)
 His articles are well worth the read. I haven't bought anything from Elliot Sound but I will late in the fall. 
 My main project will be a nice pre amplifier for my stereo. I may buy 8 of his PA pre amps circuit boards to 
 put in an old Shure 8 channel board that just refuses to quit humming.

 Pete Millet designs some of the most unique tube gear I have ever seen. 
 Once I get the transformers I will build some of his designs.
 I have bought some power supply boards off of Pete, they let me use "snap in" capacitors, my choice of rectifiers
 and have all the options one would need for solid state or tube amplifiers.
 I plan on building one or two of his tube amps early next year.

 The circuit websites I found while googleing. They are heavy on the bs adds but there is a lot of information on them.

New Groups,Web Sites,Clubs and Stores added to our database
Elliot Sound Products Austrailian DIY Page with Excellent Articles and PCB's for sale
Pete Millett Pete's site is excellent for DIY Tube gear
Sound on Sound Audio Articles, Home Recording and PA gear
Circuit Finder Lots of circuits for DIY
Circuits Today More circuits
All About Circuits
Electronics Lab More Circuits

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